Koniji is a collective connecting open-minded and modern travellers to like-minded personalities that stand behind independently run and quality-driven local offerings.

Our members

Koniji members love exploring new cities and are aware that small local business from galleries to restaurants and shops are shaping the unique soul of each city – and the richness of colours throughout the world. 

Our passion is to support the individual character of each city and invite our members to experience and support the local identity.

June 25, 8pm: 

Vernissage at XXXX with XXX. Contemporary paintings from a local legend.

Get the very first view and meet the artist.

Access the Inside

Feel the city’s heartbeat. Get invitations to the latest art openings or a behind-the-scenes tour at a local designer’s atelier: Our travelling members are curious and interesting to talk to, so are our hosts in the city – meet, exchange and get involved.

Warm Welcome

Be welcomed like a friend. It is the traditional dish you won’t find on the normal menu of the restaurant, the free home-made digestif after a meal or the special table with a view that makes each visit for us as members so memorable. Even on your trip, feel like a regular guest.

Enjoy our home-made white Asparagus soup with every order for a lunch main

– Restaurant XXX.

Bon app.

Our new custom whrist-bands arrived.

Get one with the purchase of a sweater.

Shop XXX.

Individual Perks

Enjoy unique local products and in case of a purchase get a “Thank You” in the format of a unique gift: a set of collectible stickers from the shop or a limited edition of a custom-made tote bag. Our travelling members value individual goods, our local members value a like-minded customer supporting their business – meet on equal footing.  

Experience New Places with us

Fall 2021

Launch in three cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Lisboa

300+ partners
unique experiences to our members


Additional five cities:
Amsterdam, London, Paris, Porto and Rome

800+ partners


Covering the 40 most vibrant European city destination

4.000+ partners

Travel from Home

Apart from the Koniji touchpoints in each city we also cater to our member’s needs while they are not on the road. Our editorial team provides us with valuable news from the cities and the world of conscious travelling. We have access to limited local goods for home delivery and hand-picked offerings from small and fine hotels supporting the collective.

Apply for your membership

You can apply directly here for a paid membership.

The annual fee is 100€ incl. VAT.

Whenever we can’t take the train and fly, we offset the carbon we create with atmosfair.